Requirements for Admission

  • Vocations come from experience in the Church. The applicant must have some experience of ministry in the parish or some pastoral work with the sick or elderly.

  • An attitude of openness and of service in the face of suffering as well as a desire to grow in union with those who suffer.

  • Regular participation in parish worship.

  • Be of good physical and psychological health and have had at least two years of intentional celibacy.

  • Exhibit a capacity for communal living.

  • Possess an adequate level of education in faith and openness to the action of the Spirit on our religious lives.

  • Engage in regular Spiritual Direction.

  • Meet with Vocation Director on a regular basis.

  • Begin a process of slowing down - letting go, taking time to reflect on where the Spirit is calling you.

  • Partake in a retreat of at least three days prior to completing the Formal Application.

Required Documents

  • Formal Application

  • Informed Consent

  • Autobiography with recent photograph

  • Academic transcripts

  • High School

  • College / Professional / Technical

  • Health Records

  • Medical

  • Dental (if indicated)

  • Ophthalmic (if indicated)

  • Psychological Assessment Report

  • Canonical Requirements

  • Baptismal Certificate

  • Letters of Recommendation (three)

  • Confirmation Certificate

  • Parents' Marriage Certificate

  • Birth Certificate