Forging Bonds of Fraternity and Province Mission Priorities

| 2016-06-30

The North American Province of the Good Shepherd invited the Provincial and Council of the USA Province, Our Lady Queen of the Angels to a retreat and provincial assembly. Coworkers Greg Barnes and Kathy from St. John of God Health Care Services in Victorville also participated in the meetings.

These meetings were held from June 14th through June 24th, 2016. The emphasis of this meeting was to recognize the new needs of our existing services and remain sensitive and responsive to those new needs. There is also need to prioritize the new needs and allocate the appropriate resources to them.

The retreat was also consciences of the changing circumstances of our time. By prioritizing these needs, the Brothers are encouraged to plan effectively for the immediate and long term future in a way that takes into account the increasing number of calls on our ministries and the need to continue our mission of Hospitality as Brothers, volunteers, benefactors and leading staff members.

As noted, “We are passing through both an age of change and a change of age”. The only way that we can continue our mission of healing is to anticipate change and avoid the temptation to pretend that nothing is happening or that the status quo will, in time, be restored.” These are only two of the notions that came out of a lengthy meeting. The Brothers took some time off on the last day of the meetings to visit the beautiful Niagara Falls. It was a time of growth and visioning. It was a time of spiritual nourishment and a time to renew and strengthen bonds of hospitality.